Business Solution Group
Business Solution Group
International Trading Company
  • Sorted White Ledger

    Consists of uncoated, printed or unprinted sheets, shavings, guillotined books, and cuttings of white groundwood-free ledger, bond, writing, and other paper which has similar fiber and filler content.
  • Old Corrugated Containers

    Consists of corrugated containers having liners of either test liner or kraft.
  • Lightly Printed Bleached Board Cuttings

    Consists of groundwood-free printed bleached board cuttings, free from misprint sheets, cartons, wax, greaseproof lamination, metallic, and inks, adhesives or coatings that are insoluble.

Business Solution Groupinternational trading company, which operates in waste paper trading. BSG is based in Ukraine, but has a partnership with different companies all over the world. We have own collecting bases and many suppliers in many countries. We always keeping abreast of recycling market. 

Different organizations through the world have been trying to solve the problem with pollution which is damaging our planet. Recycling helps us to reduce air and water polluting, by converting our used products into new.